Nonprofit organization

Our History

Founded on Judeo-Christian values, the organization's mission is to relieve the suffering of people in need living on the streets through concrete actions.


Fondation par Linda et André Faucher

The organization begins its activities and homeless Christmas in December 2002 at the Émilie-Gamelin Park in Montreal, at the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Berri Streets, a place unfortunately known to shelter the poorest: alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes , mentally ill, intellectually handicapped … people scorned, unprivileged by life, unloved and forgotten, who find themselves in the street.


Incorporation de l’organisme en Juillet

A kitchen has been set up in the basement of the family home to prepare hot meals. Continuing efforts with companies have resulted in stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and other materials to build cabinets and shelves. Approaches made to food processors company and agricultural producers have resulted in the harvest of any vegetables needed to make dozens of gallons of spaghetti sauce per week.


Acquisition d’une ambulance

Un coeur pour les autres is a helping hand extended to others. Compassion, therefore, which can take the form of an attentive ear. For this purpose, a truck that doubles as an ambulance is available to those who only want to talk or just to warm up a little.


First Lave-O-Ton and First Easter Homeless

2012 saw creation of the first Wash-O-Thon, which has become a recurring activity over the years. A heart for others receives no form of government assistance to set up this activity to raise funds for the organization that relies solely on the generosity of its donors, businesses and individuals.


Acquisition Of a New Building

This year marks the acquisition of a new building for the organization that is setting up its headquarters on Lemoyne Street in Longueuil. A large majority of interventions take place in Montreal, however it is becoming more and more common on the South Shore and Longueuil. In fact, one of the organization’s objectives for 2019 is to intervene more on the South Shore.

Organisation numbers


The number of homeless and impoverished people we reach out to every week since 2002.


The average number of our volunteer team every week.


The value of food distributed free of charge each year thanks to your generosity.


The average number of socks distributed per year.

Remember that a donation changes two lives: yours and theirs.